Investigative case management

Equiniti Group is a dependable partner in the delivery of investigative case management solutions.

Our investigative case management software manages the investigative process from end-to-end, regardless of complexity. It enables investigators to manage their resources, assets, exhibits, and intelligence across the investigation.

Created in line with legislative requirements, it streamlines the investigative process, ensuring that progress is accurately prioritised, assigned and monitored. It also safeguards full accountability of all decisions, with data, documents and exhibits stored securely. 

Key benefits

  • Secure, robust, scalable and flexible
  • Full compliance with regulatory legislation
  • 360 degree visibility of case management
  • Streamlined processes and timelines from case creation through to closure
  • Centralised storage of information ensuring fast and efficient information retrieval
  • Provision of key performance metrics on decision points

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Investigative case management