Financial Services

Financial Services

Today, financial services organisations must adapt quickly to respond to globally competitive pressures and costs. Faced with these challenges, success requires focus, confidence and assurance. 

With a financial services heritage dating back over 180 years, we understand your challenges intimately. We work in complex highly-regulated environments like yours by providing assured services and fully compliant transactional processing. We are not a large corporation seeking to take over. Instead we operate in the background, helping you to focus on your clear priorities and adapt quickly. Together our partnership operates faster, executes more effectively and provides more reliable assurance around the things that “cannot be allowed to fail”.

Bringing it all together into an assured lifecycle, we help you...

  • Deliver complex commercial transactions that exceed regulatory requirements
  • Integrate customer management and handle sensitive customer data seamlessly
  • Validate identity to accurately link customers with cases and claims, and tracing to re-unify debtors with their liabilities
  • Achieve the highest standards of process rigour and accuracy
  • Implement systems to manage cases, complaints, transactions, payments and legacy customer accounts more efficiently

The opportunity to translate our heritage, skills and expertise into substantial results for our clients is enormously exciting. Constantly innovating and driving efficiency, we have recently saved £151.2 million for a major retail bank by providing Assured Lifecycle Services.

As a strategic partner in your transformation, we provide Assured Lifecycle Solutions for all of the customer lifecycle management and back-office transactional processing you no longer wish to do.

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