Central Government

Central Government

Helping transform government

Government often has to respond to shifts in society, new policy decisions, or changing citizen expectations. While change is constant in public service, often technology is rigid and inflexible.

Efficiency and reform of government service are invariably technology-enabled.

Equiniti ICS has worked with government to help build the concept of government as a service.  At its heart, service-focused government puts systems in place that can flex and adapt, depending on circumstances.  Our case management solutions, for example, allow complex interactions to be augmented across all systems, ensuring minimal duplication of effort and optimised citizen experience.

We helped government departments prepare for GDPR and more demanding standards of records management. We’re creating better identity driven solutions using biometrics. And we’re using business intelligence systems to allow for more responsive systems when they are most needed. 

Our approach delivers accountable, effective systems that deliver. We bring to bear deep understanding of enabling, transformational technology, cloud stacks and business process management – allowing our government customers to focus on effective citizen-focused service provision.

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