Enhancing the student experience; reducing the administrative burden

All levels of education can be made more effective, and more accountable to the taxpayer, through transformational technology.

Schools and colleges, education authorities and examination bodies, can all reduce administrative bloat at the same time as enhancing the student experience. Systemic failure of business processes can result in severe negative outcomes: media exposure of deficient performance, parent/student disaffection or statutory penalties. Educational establishments, like other public bodies, are also subject to a greater burden of compliance standards and regulation.

More effective systems are the route to better outcomes for institutions and student populations. Equiniti works with all levels of educational establishments across the United Kingdom to deliver better performance in student support services, student engagement, record/document management and HR services.

At the core of our offer is deep expertise in case management and CRM systems – as well as HR/payroll management.

Our approach delivers accountable, effective systems that deliver. We bring to bear deep understanding of enabling, transformational technology, cloud stacks and business process management – allowing our education customers to focus on effective student care and more efficient administration.

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