Local Government

Local Government

Bridging the gap between delivery and expectations

According to a report by the local government information unit (the LGIU), elected local authority councillors want to be much better informed about the transformational benefits that technology could bring.

They recognise that there’s often a shortfall, or gap, between services provided by councils and citizen expectations. They also recognise that better frontline services could be provided if costs could be stripped out of administration.

At Equiniti ICS, we’re working with administrations across the UK that want to achieve better ways of doing things for reduced cost. Technology, applied, is the route to this. It’s why we’re building new, easier means of establishing citizen identity across systems; it’s why we’re building better front-line services enabled by case management; it’s why we’re engaged in data auditing projects to allow councils to provide better service while meeting their GDPR compliance standards. 

Our approach delivers accountable, effective systems that deliver. We bring to bear deep understanding of enabling, transformational technology, cloud stacks and business process management – allowing our local authority customers to focus on effective rate-payer service provision. 

Cross Sector Case Management in Northern Ireland

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