Non-Departmental Public Bodies

New Accountability

The majority of civil servants employed by government in the United Kingdom are employed by non-departmental public bodies.

Such bodies are often executive agencies, each of which has a Chief Executive. Advisory bodies, NHS trusts, skills councils – all these bodies are funded by government but need to prove their worth and value as independent bodies from government. In short, being accountable and efficient is what makes non-governmental agencies successful.

Equiniti ICS works with many non-governmental agencies with varying degrees of autonomy and control. The value we bring is in building systems that allow agencies to create operational excellence and enhanced citizen experience.

Public service and service delivery agreements for agencies are typically set by sponsoring departments and/or The Treasury. Therefore, meeting these delivery standards requires deep systems understanding. Equiniti has significant expertise developing the types of data-driven and accountable systems that will be needed by non-departmental pubic bodies, executive agencies and mutualised organisations.

Our approach delivers accountable, effective systems that deliver. We bring to bear deep understanding of enabling, transformational technology, cloud stacks and business process management – allowing all our public-sector customers to focus on effective, accountable service provision. 

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