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Case Management

Accuracy, consistency, efficiency. These are the cornerstones of successful case management, but they’re issues that many organisations struggle with due to complex workflows and arduous manual processes. Without appropriate management and organisation, case progression can be severely jeopardised and your reputation along with it.

If you’re frustrated with case management solutions that don’t meet the bespoke requirements of your organisation, Equiniti can help.

The benefits of our case management solution include:

  • Compliance with legislation - case management is a means of successfully enforcing compliance and meeting necessary legislative requirements, including 2018’s impending GDPR regulations.
  • Integration with third party apps – our case management solution integrates smoothly and seamlessly with other platforms and third party systems you’re already using, simplifying the process for your staff and, ultimately, your business as a whole.
  • Streamlined recording – in today’s fast-paced, technological environment the ability to record quickly and accurately across different devices and communication channels is essential. Our solution makes managing complex caseloads fit neatly into a wider strategy for governance, risk and compliance management.  
  • Improved customer service – through cutting edge technology we can provide multi-channel engagement with your customers, as well as more appropriate and personable responses and outcomes. Effective case management has never been greater – or more achievable.

Our case management services are specially designed to meet the unique challenges and responsibilities faced by your business. We understand that all cases are different and therefore any management solution must be equipped to handle any and all intricacies, as well as provide the ability to monitor case progress and be reactive to updates whenever and wherever you are.

Our easy-to-use applications streamline complex processes that require a combination of human tasks and electronic workflow – for example, incoming applications, submitted claims, complaints, claims moving to litigation, and much more. These solutions are tailored to better support individual and collective workflow, management collaboration, image and content storage, and processing of electronic files or cases.

Case management has become infinitely more complex and nuanced over recent years, and only now is technology finally delivering what organisations really need from it. From legal to medical, whatever type of dynamic case management your organisation requires, Equiniti has the expertise to make it happen.

The fully integrated system replaces several disparate systems allowing LPS to handle the additional business complexity resulting from a substantial programme of rating reforms and significant organisational change. The solution from Equiniti has ensured that we have continued to maintain an operational service in very challenging times.”


— Land and Property Services

Complaints Management

Our complaint management solution captures, manages and tracks your complaints from initial contact through to resolution, helping organisations to process a complaint through any channel in their organisation, whether call centre, branch or online. It produces all the required communications including letters and detailed management information and reports which are essential in determining the root cause of complaints.

It provides accountability throughout the complaint journey, enabling organisations to remain compliant, and can be customised to handle the complaint processes of a range of regulated organisations.

Investigative Case Management

Our investigative case management software manages the investigative process from end to end, regardless of complexity. It allows investigators to manage their resources, assets and intelligence across the investigation.

Created in line with legislative requirements, it streamlines the investigative process, ensuring that progress is accurately prioritised, assigned and monitored. It also safeguards full accountability of all decision, with data and associated documentation stored securely.

Forensic Case Management

At Equiniti, with a proven track record in forensics case management, we understand your challenges. We know that transparency and accountability are paramount and provide web-based end-to-end forensic case management systems (CMS) designed specifically for the forensics market.

Our CMS solutions includes everything you need from submission and item handling, to barcode tracking through to integration with LIMs and record management. The addition of our integrated quality management system also facilitates compliance with ISO 17025 standards.

Ombudsman Case Management

With a proven track record working with Ombudsman and regulatory bodies we help our clients manage cases within strict regulatory guidelines. Helping organisations to manage ever increasing workloads, our solutions perform ongoing management and tracking of each case, tracks time and cost per case and undertakes extensive reporting against KPIs. It also allows for the capture of valuable data to allow our clients to make policy and practice recommendations for improvement.

Grants Handling

Equiniti’s web-based grant management system streamlines grant processes from application and solicitation through to award notification and ongoing monitoring. It helps organisations to automate the grant application process to track grants, assign funds and demonstrate accountability. Inbuilt workflow provide assurance that the correct procedures are followed every time with full auditing across all activities.

Claims Management

Our claims management system is an innovative solution which improves the claims service while reducing costs. Our solution digitises and automates the claims process to provide claims management and processing support for a variety of claims types in a single system. The solution is focused on enabling organisations to increase productivity and reduce operational costs, ensure accurate and consistent claims decisions, improve service levels, and reduce backlogs.

With its common user interface for all claim types, policy administration system integration, image and work management, and business rules and calculation engine, the claims management tool from Equiniti provides a flexible solution to manage the entire claims process — from initial notification through to claim disposition and payment.

Forms Management

eForms replaces paper forms with wizard driven, user-friendly online transactions. It guides users through the process, resulting in an increased uptake of online services to fill in forms online, using any browser, and return them electronically. The system automatically saves work, preventing accidental loss, gives onscreen guidance and applies your business rules, improving data quality. A secure collaboration portal for case workers and customers, our solution is available as a Cloud-based service.

Equiniti have over a long period of time developed and supported both Case Management and DNA database administration solutions for FSNI. They have closely worked with FSNI in its’s transformation programme to deliver and integrate new and advanced Case Management, Laboratory Information Management System and Quality Management document control application solutions to meet new and enhanced management information requirements to improve case throughput.


— Forensic Science Northern Ireland

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