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Complaint Handling

Embracing Complaints and Building Trust

Technology and complaints as a catalyst for business improvement and trust building. 

Track, manage, resolve

Equiniti is a trusted partner in complaint management, with our software currently managing over 4.5 million complaints for some of the most highly regulated organisations in the UK.

Dynamics 365 for Complaints Management is a cloud based case management solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365. It takes our industry leading experience in the case management domain and applies it to a Dynamics 365 tenant.

Who is it for?

  • Organisations who require a cost effective complaint management solution
  • Organisations looking to leverage existing Microsoft licenses
  • Organisations looking for a quickly configurable case management solution

Dynamics 365 for Complaints Management equips public bodies with the tools to manage individual cases, track service related activities and quickly locate the best resolution. Case workers are empowered with the ability to deliver Omni-channel solutions to citizens to ensure they are provided with an efficient, consistent level of service regardless of the channel they choose to communicate through

It provides accountability throughout the complaint journey, enabling organisations to remain compliant, and can be customised to handle the complaint processes of a range of regulated organisations.

Key benefits

  • A cost effective, scalable, low risk solution that maximises existing investments in MS Dynamics
  • Direct Citizen Interaction, management and communication.
  • Access at any time, from any location via native apps or all current mobile and desktop browsers.
  • Configurable workflows which can be edited in browser by clients
  • Comprehensive reporting via real-time dashboards
  • Scheduled reporting and powerful Management Information/capabilities gaining powerful business insights.

More information on Complaint management:

There are multiple benefits of setting up a complaints management system.

As we continue to move forward in a world where citizens want bigger and better levels of engagement and interaction with organisations than ever before, the importance of an effective feedback and complaint management process is growing. The more public bodies interact with citizens, the more they feel comfortable passing their thoughts back to them, whether they’re in the form of praise or complaints.  Read more here

Complaint management in the public sector.

As a nation, we’re experts at complaining and citizens now demand that their grievances are dealt with more quickly and efficiently than ever before. If they aren't, they take to public channels to ensure that their voices are heard. We have designed a seven step guide to assist public bodies. Read more here

How do organisations benefit from complaints?

Organisations that use complaints as an opportunity to improve practices and challenge existing behaviours find that the improvements gained are so worthwhile that they actively welcome complaints. How to benefit from complaints is the remarkable upside from receiving complaints. Read more here

Invest in streamlining to save in the long term

It’s not difficult to see how a failure at any stage of a complaint process can see complaints mismanaged. Use of make-shift technology solutions can impede workflow while inappropriately trained staff can see complaints passed like the proverbial hot potato! As a result, complaints can take too long to resolve leading to public bodies seeing its name and reputation damaged. By streamlining the process, complaints are auctioned and resolved in a timely manner, improving efficiencies across the organisation. But how do you do this? Read more here

Why complaint handling needs to change

In Government circles, the predominant mode of communication offered on ‘How to make a complaint’ pages remains email or phone lines, while some still insist on only accepting complaints via pen and paper. With the ever increasing number of communicate channels, organisations need to think digital and make themselves available where their citizens and customers are and match up with what is now the expected norm in terms of methods of communication. Read more here

This is great, but how do I implement a complaints management system?

First of all, a complaints management system that successfully deals with grievances requires the right mix of people, processes and technology.

You need to set goals around what you want to achieve from the final complaint management platform that you implement. It's wise to check these against what you are currently doing. Next it's essential to understand your audience... Read more here