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EQ 365

Cloud based management solution

Equiniti's case management services have been specially designed to meet the unique and complex challenges and responsibilities faced by our public sector clients. We have developed a broad range of case management solutions to meet the most complex public sector processes, including insolvency, Policy Ombudsman and Forensics investigation.

As a result we understand that all cases are different and therefore any solution must be equipped to handle any and all intricacies, as well as provide the ability to monitor case progress and be reactive to updates whenever and wherever you are.

EQ 365 is a commercial off the shelf (COTS), cloud based case management solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365. It takes our industry leading experience in the case management domain and applies it to a Dynamics 365 tenant. It is aimed at organisations who require:

  • An off the shelf case management solution
  • To leverage an existing Office 365 or Dynamics 365 investment
  • A quickly configurable case management solution

Our aim is to make use of a platform that many UK public sector organisations have already invested in, to deliver a fully-fledged case management solution in any conceivable flavour (e.g. Complaints, grants, SLA management, investigation, inspection, and claims etc.)

Equiniti have brought these elements together under EQ 365 to provide a case management solution with the following features and benefits:

  • A cost effective, scalable, low risk solution that maximises existing investments in MS Dynamics.
  • Direct Citizen Interaction, management and communication through a public portal. The portal has a responsive design for use across all mobile and desktop devices via a browser
  • Access to the case management platform at any time, from any location via native apps or all current mobile and desktop browsers.
  • User configurable business processes via workflow, which can be edited in browser by clients themselves.
  • Comprehensive reporting – Real-time dashboard reporting ensures that managers and team leaders are better able to make rapid decisions based on live data.
  • Scheduled reporting and powerful Management Information/capabilities allow clients to mine a huge depth of high quality information that can be used to assist with trend analysis, work monitoring, setting strategy and gaining business insight.