Citizen Portal solution screenshots

EQ Portal

EQPortal is a self-service system that supports secure digital interactions and transactions between citizens and public bodies.

Our online portal provides a consistent, transparent and reliable platform allowing users to access information and services when they need them.

Perfect solution to assist organisation wishing to develop or enhance their online interactions and services offered to customers.

EQPortal can:

  • Centralise all documents and information in one place making it easy for customers to view without the need for navigating multiple websites and logins.
  • Two-way personal communication with customers drastically reducing the need for citizens to contact caseworkers, drastically reducing response times.
  • Seamlessly integrate with current systems and software, removing the costly and time consuming offline manual process.
  • EQPortal makes it quick and easy for customers to communicate with you anytime, anywhere. This results in greater customer engagement and increased satisfaction.
  • A secure login page protects company and customer details, accessed using a unique identifier code, password and security question(s).