Equiniti Data Services


Equiniti provides compliant end-to-end data management solutions from customer and targeting to customer tracing and profiling. We make data meaningful and ensure that our clients comply with regulatory requirements. 

Our solutions:

Digital onboarding

Equiniti has a proven track record delivering digital onboarding. Using a unique combination of digital communications we help our clients’ consumers discover a better, faster way to access services through online tools. As an example of our expertise, we increased the number of online users for a large retails bank by 27%.

Data cleansing

Providing you with the highest quality of data, our data purists will help you cleanse, standardise, match, enrich and profile and maintain data.

IDV and tracing

Equiniti data provides our clients with the confidence to on board customers quickly and accurately ensuring you have identified and verified every customer you interact with. Providing ID&V, trace, fulfilment and portal capabilities, our solutions enhance the end customer experience and reduce the cost of staying compliant. 

Consumer data

We have been a long term wholesale supplier to the best names in the data industry. Our data universe covers 44 million people in 22 million UK households and we rebuild it every three months.


Equiniti helps organisations on their journey to GDPR compliance. We enhance data quality and integrity, help you manage Subject Access Requests (SARs) and minimise the threat and consequences of a data breach. Read more