Equiniti Citizen Portal

EQPortal - Online citizen portal

In the digital world we live in today, people expect instant, 24/7 access to their online information and services. However, most traditional communication channels are just no longer sufficient, and users are demanding more from their service providers.

Whether it’s making secure transactions, checking the status of service requests, or the myriad of other potential online services your organisation may offer, it’s vital you offer a consistent, transparent and reliable solution. If you don’t, you risk alienating users who may go elsewhere for a more complete service.

EQPortal is a self-service system that makes it easy for customers to access their account information. Tailored completely to the requirements of you and your customers, our web portal clearly and securely displays all of their details in one place, allowing access at home, at work or on the move. This makes it quick and easy for customers to get the information they require, reducing the need for your team to answer repetitive queries.

The benefits of our online Citizen Portal include:

  • Convenience and relevance – customers can find all their documents and information in one single online location, removing the need to navigate across multiple websites and logins.
  • Information sharing – a personalised homepage for the customer makes it easy to access information and share documents back and forth with your company. This vastly reduces the need for them to contact caseworkers directly. 
  • Cost-efficiency – the digital citizen access portal seamlessly integrates with your current systems and software. This removes the need for costly and time-consuming offline manual processes for both you and the customer. 
  • Improved relationships – our digital portal solution makes it quick and easy for customers to communicate with you anytime, anywhere. This results in greater customer engagement and increased satisfaction.
  • Secure self-service – effective cyber security is vital for you and your customers. A secure login page protects company and customer details, accessed using a unique identifier code, password and security questions.
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