Document management

A comprehensive solution

Equiniti's document management solution EQContent is a collection of intelligent software modules which together empower and enable organisations to discover sensitive and personal information embedded in their content, automate the complex task of building a document management solution and manage documents and records for their entire lifecycle, from inception, to disposal.  It is focused on meeting compliance and legal requirements whilst providing users with an innovative, intuitive and collaborative working experience.

EQContent can be provided as an all inclusive suite or modules can be purchased individually.


EQ Discover is a software product that helps organisations discover and report on sensitive and personal identifiable information (PII) within all types of structured and unstructured repositories, including file shares, SharePoint and email.


EQ Build analyses the structure of file shares and automatically builds a content management solution on a SharePoint platform!  Its detailed options allow for the building of information architectures with appropriate platform governance, as well as building a structure suitable for managing your content in the long term. 


EQ Manage analyses the content of files as they are added to SharePoint repositories and classifies them automatically within a taxonomy defined in the metadata term store.  It uses artificial intelligence pattern matching to read content and then decide where content should be filed in a taxonomy, thereby separating content classification and storage structure completely. EQ Content Manage also manages the long term retention, review and disposal of content which resides against each element of the taxonomy.

Share Point

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Case Study

Read about how Equiniti created a document and records management solution for a UK Central Government department.

UK Central Government Case Study
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