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Build is designed to simplify the daunting tasks that organisations face in moving their content from complex, convoluted and confusing file shares structures to a collaborative, managed Microsoft SharePoint Environment.  It empowers organisations, by giving them the capability to automatically configure SharePoint and then move their content using a single product.  

Build analyses the structure of file shares and then maps these to all of the information architecture and governance tools available on a SharePoint platform, and builds a structure suitable for managing your content in the long term.  Beyond this, it can then move your content from file shares to your new SharePoint platform. It includes capability to perform ROT (Redundant, Obsolete, Trivial) analysis on your content, moving only the most essential content required for your organisation.  It can maintain permission structures and models, whilst leveraging the increased collaborative, management and functional capabilities of a SharePoint platform.

EQContent Build can be purchased individually, or as part of the entire EQContent product bundle.

Key benefits

  • Remove the time and complexity of designing and building SharePoint site structures
  • Remove the complexity of migrating content to SharePoint sites
  • Empowers organisations to move their file storage from file share to SharePoint
  • Simply the complex task of moving your organisation from unstructured file shares, to a managed, searchable content management and collaboration platform.
  • Cost-effective