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Content Manager

Micro Focus Content Manager (also known as HP TRIM) is an enterprise records management solution that empowers organisations to take control of their data and records to improve business process efficiency, enhance records integrity and increase staff productivity.

Content Manager is a secure solution that allows users to easily store and retrieve documents, create records and apply governance controls to completely manage their corporate information according to industry best practice and guidelines.

Equiniti ICS services include implementation, project management, consultancy and training. These can be complemented by additional modules and packages to provide the full range of EDRMS services a customer may require.

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Why Content Manager?:

  • Increase staff productivity and collaboration
  • Rapid deployment leading to rapid return on investment
  • Efficient and authoritative access to corporate information
  • Secure and auditable actions
  • Ease of use
  • Easily expanded in terms of functionality and scale

What's new in Content Manager v9.4?

The latest Content Manager update, Version 9.4, brings with it improved functionality and more than 150 additional enhancements, all designed to make your job as a records manager or information governance managers easier.

Headline improvements include:

Event based archiving: A new trigger method for retention schedules. These are based on real-world events, such as a change of Government, the disposal of records can be invoked manually or automatically based on the event occurrence.

Metadata Capture: For record types that support the creation of electronic documents, on the record type, you can define the settings to determine how the document metadata is extracted from electronic documents that are checked into Content Manager via drag and drop, document queues and from Offline Records.

Web Client Updates: Among the extensive upgrades to the web client are the review & authorisation of documents, review of renditions, view Office online documents as well as customisation logo support, downloading multiple files as a compressed file and much more.

New Dashboard and Explorer Window: The new dashboard (opt out available) allows users to access pre-defined work item lists with a breakdown of the number of items that are within the set time periods, including a total number of items for each work item list. An explorer window gives users a hierarchical view of records grouped within Content Manager Item types in a single window.

Powerful Microsoft Office Integration: Enhancements to existing Office integrations include new default file storage and the ability to choose to create revisions for non-mail Outlook items, such as notes for example.

Want to find out more about how Content Manager can help your organisation on its road to information governance and compliance? 

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