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Content Manager

Content Manager (also known as HP TRIM) is an enterprise records management solution that empowers organisations to take control of their data and records to improve business process efficiency, enhance records integrity and increase staff productivity.

Content Manager is a secure solution that allows users to easily store and retrieve documents, create records and apply governance controls to completely manage their corporate information according to industry best practice and guidelines.

Hosting options are available via Equiniti ICS data centres or Microsoft Azure, or alternatively via an on-premise solution, or a combination of these. A range of products and services are available to deliver Micro Focus based solutions priced by user type and data volumes.

Equiniti ICS services include implementation, project management, consultancy and training. These can be complemented by additional modules and packages to provide the full range of EDRMS services a customer may require.

Content Manager Key Benefits:

  • Increase staff productivity and collaboration
  • Rapid deployment leading to rapid return on investment
  • Efficient and authoritative access to corporate information
  • Secure and auditable actions
  • Ease of use
  • Easily expanded in terms of functionality and scale
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