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Manage is Equiniti’s end-to-end document and content lifecycle management solution, built on Microsoft SharePoint

Providing a completely automated digital mailbox filing capability to automatically classify and sort content as its stored on your SharePoint platform, whilst providing comprehensive lifecycle management features, without infringing on the end users SharePoint experience.

Manage analyses the content of files as they are added to  SharePoint repositories and classifies them automatically within a taxonomy defined in the metadata term store. It uses artificial intelligence pattern matching to read content and then decide where content should be filed in a taxonomy, thereby separating content classification and storage structure completely.  

EQ Content Manage also manages the long term retention, review and disposal of content which resides against each element of the taxonomy.

EQ Content Manage can be purchased individually, or as part of the entire EQContent product bundle.

Key benefits

  • Store content anywhere. No need to store content in specific folders or libraries to define classification
  • Easy to use and simple product, meeting data protection and legislative requirements
  • Cost-effective
  • Protect data and privacy
  • Command and control your data
  • Build in data governance to your SharePoint platform
  • Access to content lifecycle management reporting
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