EQ Content

EQ Content is designed to simplify the entire content and document management lifecycle including:

  • Capture and creation of content
  • Storage of content in a secure, auditable location
  • Managing content and making it available for those who need it, when they need it
  • Preserving and archiving data in line with required retention and disposal processes

Our content management systems make it easy for organisations of any size to establish appropriate content retention policies that comply with all relevant legislation, including GDPR.

Using a sophisticated search engine, our content management solution allows users quick, streamlined access to relevant content on any device, wherever they are, saving time, boosting productivity and increasing collaboration.

Record Management

Working with Microsoft and RecordPoint, Equiniti’s record management solution allows for fast and secure automated electronic document and record storage, archival, retention and disposal of information, giving you greater control over your documentation.

The solution enables the creation and implementation of retention schedules, file taxonomies and classifications. Multiple document format types such as email, Word documents and images can be stored in a central archive, where authorised users can file, index, track, search and retrieve documents.

The agile and centralised system eliminates the possibility of losing documentation or misfiled papers with advanced capability for automated legal holds, content indexing, search and record exports.

Ensuring records are retained in line with company policy and legislation, our solution assures full traceability and compliance.

Information Architecture and Platform Governance

Our EDRM solution is not just about purchasing a product to help you collaborate and manage records more efficiently, built into our offering is the design of an information architecture and classification bespoke to your organisation.

We will carry out the complex task of mapping and redesigning out of date and unfit classifications in file shares, transforming them into classifications which are simple to use and find content across. 

Quality Management

Our services enable our clients to implement, manage and report on processes on content inline with desired quality standards (e.g. ISO 17020 and 17025).

In addition we allow users to share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to empower teamwork, quickly find information, and seamlessly collaborate across the organisation on content and data.

We also provide migration services from file shares, legacy content and record management solutions.

Equiniti provides Business Analysis, Technical Architecture, Solution Architecture, Development, Quality Assurance and project management services for the implementation of Quality Management Systems compliant with IEC / ISO 17020 and ISO 17025 on a cloud based environment.

Scan, Connect and Build

Our core content management product set is focused on the identification and management of content in complex unstructured content repositories, then simplifying the process of moving this content into managed, collaboration rich platforms like SharePoint Online within MS Office 365.


The Scan element of our core content management product set enables our clients to search, manage and report on personal data within unstructured repositories.

The solution provides organisations with a powerful search tool for finding personal identifiable information (PII) in all files within unstructured folder repositories, while fully configurable dashboards provides the users with insight into the spread of PII and in depth reporting on PII across all folder repositories, where the data can then be extracted from. 


Connect enables organisations to quickly and efficiently connect to and manage content within unstructured folder repositories.

The solution offers a low cost alternative to lengthy migration projects by utilising the wealth of metadata already available on file and folder repositories. The need for manual handling is removed with automated retention and disposal processes, while full reporting and auditing can be done on content visibility, access and disposal.

By choosing the most appropriate features of SharePoint to manage your classification according to your business requirements, we will build your SharePoint based content classification and information architecture. Content will automatically migrate from unstructured folder repositories to a managed SharePoint environment, and complete lifecycle management will be applied to your content using our content and record management offerings.


The Build element of our content management offering removes the pain and effort of complex classification migration and design, making a move from file share to SharePoint simple, quick and cost effective.

SharePoint and Office 365

Partnering with industry leader Microsoft, we offer the best in content delivery, record management and intranet solutions. Our content management systems incorporate SharePoint, Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics integration services, providing our clients with on premise, Cloud and Hybrid solutions. 

Our solutions enable our clients to share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to empower teamwork, quickly find information, and seamlessly collaborate across the organisation on content, data and news to stay on the same page. Integration with SharePoint facilitates migration services from file shares, legacy content and record management solutions.

Inform and connect your people with intranets and portals. Share common resources and applications and broadcast your message with rich, dynamic pages, while the powerful enterprise search enables you to find files, sites, and people. Built-in intelligence delivers the most relevant results and helps you discover information and expertise around you.

Micro Focus Content Manager

At Equiniti we want to take the pain out of information governance for our clients while providing cost and time efficient solutions. We have partnered with Micro Focus to deliver intranet solutions, Content Manager and Control Point integration services.

Our on-premise and cloud solutions enable organisations to manage business content from creation to disposal, clean up legacy and dark data, automate records declaration and intelligently migrate to the Content Manager from file shares. This helps organisations to save significant storage costs, gain better access to valuable information, and facilitate better information management decisions for unstructured data. 

The solutions are designed to improve efficiency and productivity with automatic classification and folder creation, workflow tools, and powerful search, while reducing the cost of legal discovery, investigation, and audit by proactively managing content according to policy throughout its lifecycle.


Create your own digital workplace by using SharePoint for your intranet. Your intranet is a digital hub that employees can use to communicate, share information with each other and keep up to date with any company changes.

Using SharePoint as your intranet platform will increase employee communication, collaboration and business efficiency to make information more accessible and become a resource that all your employees depend on.

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