General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Your Journey to GDPR excellence

Equiniti helps organisations on their journey to GDPR compliance. We enhance data quality and integrity, help you manage Subject Access Requests (SARs) and minimise the threat and consequences of a data breach. 

Our business analysts can perform a comprehensive GAP analysis and road mapping exercise in respect of your organisations current status against the changes in legislation and we will detail what steps your business needs to take to ensure they are compliant. 

Additionally Equiniti can provide process management of Subject Access Request and Breach management through our own SARS Platform. This allows organisations to provide the burden of proof they require in relation to Subject Access Requests and Breach Notifications.

Cloud based GDPR solution

Our solutions are cloud based service offerings onto which Equiniti can on-board any organisation.

We provide a free of charge full day session, which outlines our processes and analyses areas of the legislation in respect of the organisation. From this, we will provide a sample GAP analysis and road mapping report. To receive your GAP analysis and road mapping report, please contact Andrew Hughes at

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