Customer Engagement

Differentiate your brand with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Engagement. Equip case workers to deliver omni-channel solutions to citizens to ensure they are provided with a consistent level of service.


Manage prospect and client relationships, prioritise bids allowing you to manage the end to end sales process. Take advantage of advanced sales insights to help boost profitability.


Utilise Dynamics marketing capabilities to nurture prospects in to solid leads by targeting your market with personalised messaging. Automate workflows and align sales and marketing by sharing information and gaining a rounded prospect view.

Artificial Intelligence Insights

Apply artificial intelligence to analyse your data and deliver actionable insights for making informed business decisions as well predictive modelling for future planning.


Attract and on-board staff with personalised processes and manage HR requirements with Dynamics 365 for Talent. 

Service Project Automation

Manage project efficiently and effectively through Dynamics 365 for Service Project Automation. Optimise resources and forecast project cost and profitability. 

Read our case study about how we with a UK Investigative office to develop a complaints management system, enabling for the efficient management of complaints from receipt through to resolution and reporting.

Case Study
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