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Power Apps

Microsoft PowerApps, Flow and PowerBI combine to deliver powerful applications developed to deliver clear business processes and workflows empowering organisations to transform manual business processes to digital, automated processes.

PowerApps are custom built applications developed in a low code environment that allow businesses to efficiently carry out every day internal business processes wherever they are via desktop, mobile or tablet devices. Take advantage of Microsoft Flow's integration tools and PowerBI's powerful business analysis function to develop powerful applications to take your organisation to the next level. 

Built on Azure, PowerApps is ideal for those who wish to leverage an existing Office 365 investment. With seamless integration of third party software PowerApps reduces the paper workload workarounds in a reliable and timely manner and provides businesses with a real time performance view from which to make decisions or to action activity from.

Users benefit from PowerApps’ easy to use and familiar user interface and when combined with a minimal code approach to development, Apps can be deployed in a short time frame allowing businesses and organisations to take advantage of cost and time savings almost instantly.

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Power BI

Power BI delivers powerful business insights based on data stored to yield actionable business insights that combine to deliver tangible results that enhance the overall performance of your organisation.

By utilising advanced analytics within Power BI organisations can create custom reports and easy to read dashboards allowing organisations to make fast, informed business decisions.



Microsoft Flow permits organisations to automate every day processes and tasks creating time savings amongst staff and improving efficiencies across the organisation.

Flow creates automated workflows between hundreds of apps and services to transform repetitive tasks in to multi-step workflows to get notifications, approve requests, collect data and much more.

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