SharePoint and Office 365

Share and manage content and knowledge, easily collaborate with your team and quickly find information with SharePoint and Office 365.

SharePoint and Office 365 are versatile platforms which can be utilised for a wide range of organisational requirements. 

As Microsoft partners, we enable our clients to collaborate through a browser based platform, SharePoint. As  technology has advanced so has the workplace. Work with your team anywhere, anytime, quickly, reliably, and securely.


Key benefits 

  • Integrates with third party systems
  • Information is accessible from any connected device and location
  • Simplifies how people find and share information across an organisation
  • Enables increased communication with all staff
  • Engages staff and encourages collaboration and more interactive working practices
  • Reduces IT costs by consolidating content into a single manageable solution

Scan, connect and build

Our core content management product set is focused on the identification and management of content in complex unstructured content repositories, then simplifying the process of moving this content into managed, collaboration rich platforms like SharePoint Online within MS Office 365.


The Scan element of our core content management product set enables our clients to search, manage and report on personal data within unstructured repositories.

The solution provides organisations with a powerful search tool for finding personal identifiable information (PII) in all files within unstructured folder repositories, while fully configurable dashboards provides the users with insight into the spread of PII and in depth reporting on PII across all folder repositories, where the data can then be extracted from. 


Connect enables organisations to quickly and efficiently connect to and manage content within unstructured folder repositories.

The solution offers a low cost alternative to lengthy migration projects by utilising the wealth of metadata already available on file and folder repositories. The need for manual handling is removed with automated retention and disposal processes, while full reporting and auditing can be done on content visibility, access and disposal.

By choosing the most appropriate features of SharePoint to manage your classification according to your business requirements, we will build your SharePoint based content classification and information architecture. Content will automatically migrate from unstructured folder repositories to a managed SharePoint environment, and complete lifecycle management will be applied to your content using our content and record management offerings.


The Build element of our content management offering removes the pain and effort of complex classification migration and design, making a move from file share to SharePoint simple, quick and cost effective.

Rapid Deployment App

Equiniti’s rapid deployment app makes it possible to go from ‘nothing’ to a fully configured and customised SharePoint solution based on business needs (not technical needs) within minutes.

It takes the complex act of configuration and customisation and quickly provides a solution which is simple and easy to use, typically providing 50 per cent to 70 percent savings over a traditional manual approach. Our Rapid deployment tool works with SharePoint On-Premise and SharePoint Online within Office 365.

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