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Diver BI

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Diver BI is a stand-alone reporting platform that provides users real-time information about their business, across any device, empowering organisations to make decisions supported by data.

Business Intelligence (BI) software allows organisations and users to visualise the data they are working with, migrating away from traditional spreadsheets and disparate data sets in to a centralised data analysis studio, making it easier to identify patterns, trends, and new opportunities.

Diver BI provides users with real-time insight, allowing organisations to level-up their reporting, and help with decision making. 

External Data Source Integration

Core to Diver’s capabilities is its ability to integrate all data sources via its powerful data management and modelling tools, collating various data and content types in to one centralised reporting view, which can then be further extracted and developed into Diver data models. These models are designed to eliminate hierarchies and other navigational restraints. 

The advantage of this is that no underlying database is required therefore reducing total cost of ownership; and that there are no traditional drill down constraints.

How Diver BI Helps Organisations:

  • Powerful ad-hoc capabilities.
  • Multiple views making navigation through your data easy.
  • Dynamic-Filtering helping you to find what you're looking for. 
  • Data Manipulation.
  • Connect multiple data sources to one centralised view. 
  • Real-time analytics, helping you understand the here and now. 
  • Desktop or browser based, depending on preference. 
  • Permission-based access providing an extra layer of security. 
Diver BI helps you understand and visualise the data behind your organisation. Take your business intelligence to the next level, migrating away from spreadsheets and manual data entry.


ProDiver is our desktop based solution accessible via PC or laptop. Information Analysts can choose from a rich set of built-in functionality, multiple chart types and visualisation options.


DivePort is a self-service administrative portal interface that delivers personalised, aggregated information via a secure web browser. DivePort is fully integrated with Diver platform’s data sources providing users with a single point of entry for access to a variety of dashboards, reports, charts, and analytical applications.

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