Mobile Workforce solution screenshots

Mobile Worker

Having the necessary tools to be able to perform your job on the move is an essential part of modern business. It’s not always as easy as turning on your mobile phone, especially for organisations who still rely on manual paper based processes.

Empower employees by enabling remote connectivity on any device and retrieve real-time information that they need to successfully do their job at each stage of service delivery. 

By utilising our innovative field service management software, employees can capture, annotate and manage notes, forms, images, sound, video and various other media, and upload to a private and secure system using their mobile and tablet devices. It’s also possible to capture data offline to be synched back to your company’s case management system.

Mobile Worker Management will:

  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing back-end system or as part of an Equiniti service.
  • Keep your documents secure
  • Smoother mobile workforce management
  • Real-time planning - Integrate accurate up to date information from other sources, such as travel conditions, weather and site warnings. This helps keep field workers safer and enables them to make informed decisions on route planning and any special requirements for specific visits.
  • Removal of manual processes – manual paper-based processes become digitised for you and your employees, wherever they are, reducing processing times and cost to the business.
  • Fully configurable and customised to your specific requirements, our Mobile Workforce solution is available as a supporting module within our case management offering

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